The ‘Locked Down’ Story Of Adapted Sports In India

“I didn’t receive a phone call in the last 6 months from the state body, leave alone support,” Saheb’s eyes were full of agony when he was uttering each word.

“They didn’t even ask whether I am alive! It feels terrible that for the state, and for the country for which we are doing so much, those people do not care for us.”

Saheb Hussain is an athlete with visual impairment who has the national record for 100m in his category. Such is the state of paralympics in India.

Covid 19 and Cyclone Amphan Relief

Civilian Welfare Foundation (Established May 2011) which focuses mainly on Gender, Disability and Child Education has come out all the way to change its course of action to support the society in these tough times in Bengal which got hit by both Pandemic and the Super Cyclone Amphan.