Webinar on “Harassment and Abuse in the digital World”

In recent times digital media has increasingly become a place of toxic behaviour and abuse that targets the dissenters. Civilian Welfare Foundation presents a Webinar on “Harassment and Abuse in the Digital World” featuring people from various spaces of life who has dissented and faced abuses of various proportions.

Hussain Haidry is a famous Indian poet who became famous for his poem “Hindustani Musalman”

Dr. Banjyostna Lahiri is a senior researcher in Centre for Equity studies , and have taught sociology in Ambedkar University, New Delhi.

Laiba Zainab has worked as reporter with different Pakistani media outlets and has been actively produced audio visual content on sexual harassments, feminism and politics.

Arshi Qureshi, Phd Student from Jamia Millia University is a Kashmir based social worker and has been working with several intervention programs dealing with ending violence against women and children in Kashmir.

Finally our last panelist is Sanjay Rajoura , famous stand up artist who is a part of “Aisi Taisi Democracy” and has faced a lot of harassment in recent times due to his critique on indian political system.

Link to the full video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3233727813348687

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