Unified Sports

Para sports or Disability sports has existed for more than hundred years. Para-athletes have won prizes and accolades on several occasions for our country. Yet for some reason Para-athletes never get as much recognition as able-bodied athletes. One may seem to wonder why. The obvious reason seems to be due to the discrimination they face in the society.

To spread awareness about inclusive sports, Unified Sports Training sessions are organized by us, in collaboration with Special Olympics Bharat. We have had two sessions until now, one was held on 30th December, 2021. This session saw 20 participants, 10 participants with disabilities and 10 without disabilities. They took part in many activities together. We had a coach and instructor, an Inclusion Specialist and a coordinator of Special Olympics Bharat among other people. This was the first training session where children were given primary training for playing sports. Another similar session was held on23rd February, 2022. In this session too, several children with and without disabilities participated and took part in many activities together. Such sessions are a necessary step towards an inclusive society where no child is discriminated against based on their ability.

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