Paramedical and Medical Sales Course for Transgender and Non-binary individuals

Trans people have existed across all classes, races and castes. But their recognition has always come at a cost, with an added struggle. From access to social equality, social rights, education, jobs and so on, the trans community has always been deprived, particularly in the field of jobs. trans people have always had difficulties, faced discrimination from binary individuals. According to a study conducted by the National Human Rights Commission in 2018, 96 per cent transgenders are denied jobs and are forced to take low paying or undignified work for livelihood like sex work and begging. This study was also revealed that about 92 per cent of transgenders are deprived of the right to participate in any form of economic activity in the country.

Skill development programs are a practical way to implement legal provisions. CWF has worked tirelessly for the skills development of transgender individuals for the last 12 years. In the last few years, we organized various skill building programmes for trans individuals like; beautician and wellness, jewellery making and candle making course etc. In this year we want to start a one-year para medical skill-based training programme for 40 transgender individuals, where beside their exposure in the medical field they can secure their economic status by getting a job after training. Although there are various types of skill-based training for transgender individuals in India but there is no such para medical course in the trans affirmative curriculum. We believe that trans individuals can take a step forward in this field through this para medical and medical sales training. This training will help the trans community to be economically empowered and to promote an inclusive environment in the healthcare fields.

The training will include 6 months of training and 3 months of internship in reputed different healthcare companies. On successful completion of the course, candidates will get placement opportunities in the same companies. There will be 4 days of classes per week, which includes practical hands on training in different laboratory equipments.

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