Seminar on Inclusive Education at Peyarabagan Slum

On 8th December, we organized our first seminar entitled “Inclusive Education at Peyarabagan slum”. Everyone associated with the Child Education project or with CWF in general (teachers, volunteers, interns etc) participated in the seminar. The seminar dealt with some refreshing topics which are indeed essential for breaking stereotypical societal structures that hampers the upbringing of a child. Each person gave a presentation on one such topic. Some new perspectives to deal with the project also opened up while we learned to restrict and restructure ourselves to deal with the project better.

Our teachers also mentored two of our students each on separate topics. The two students were trained by our teachers on how to speak in front of an audience and the associated dos and don’ts. We all know that in today’s world, public speaking is an essential skill and this skill gets better only when children perform more and more in front of an audience. Moreover, training the children to speak on a particular topic not only enhances their skill but also helps them get a deeper understanding of the topic. On the day of the seminar, all of them performed in front of a live audience which was a learning experience for them as well.

To watch the performances of the children, click on the links below:

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