Research & collaboration

Disability Access to Puja Pandals 2014

Durga Puja is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. Durgostsav is observed as a "Sarbojonin" (all inclusive) celebration that is meant for all individuals beyond their language, colour, religious views, caste and gender. Civilian Welfare Foundation last year conducted a study on the accessibility quotient of some of the most reputed puja pandals of the city & most of them were found to be inaccessible by the disabled/specially abled people. In 2014 , this year Civilian Welfare Foundation followed up for those 30 pandals, went with disabled people ( varied range of disability from blindness to wheelchair bound) and found shocking response even when they were informed about the visit.

A survey on child labour in and around Central Kolkata

A survey was conducted by CWF on the status of Child Labour in and around Central Kolkata. The following report asses the condition of children between 2-14 years through different parameteres. Some shocking revelations came out through the survey The survey was published in Ei Samay, HIndustan Ties and few other media spaces. CWF is thankfull to Child Rights & You for their help throughout the survery. 

An assessment on access for disabled to Puja Pandals , Kolkata, India

Civilian Welfare Foundation conducted a pivotal survey on the Puja Pandals throughout Kolkata with respect to the facilities provided for the accessibility of the Disabled People. Though this is generally termed as an Access Audit but as access audit has a much broader spectrum considering many things such as distance form the parking zones, distance for the main entrance, hindrances in the path etc we would like to call it as just an Accessibility Survey for the Differently abled/Specially abled Populace. The survey revealed many shocking facts about the inaccessibility of disabled people. The report was published in Times Of India, Ekdin, Indian Express and few other media spaces. 

Basic Healthcare of Transgender people in & around Kolkata, India

The preamble to the Constitution of India speaks about Equality in status and opportunity for all, the constitution also screams Right to life as one of the fundamental rights in Article 21, wherein the Right to Healthcare is an integral part. Hypothetically…So far so good…BUT…what a bout reality?? CWF tries to find out through a case-study based research about the basic healthcare status of the Transgender individuals in and around Kolkata. We are very much grateful to Amitie Trust & People like us (PLUS) who helped us in getting respondants for the study.  The study was published in local, national and international news media and academic spaces (Times of India, Alzazeera, Indian Express, HIndustan times , Kafila, Ei samay, Ekdin, Gay star news, Qwerty, Indiapostlive etc)  and has an outreach of more than 5 lakh people 

Research Paper on Gender Sensitization of Protesters

For the last one year, Indian populace except men majorly has been under huge threat of sexual violence and the increasing number of protests and rallies demanding government measures to curtail it had become a regular feature. But what plays inside the mind of these protesters as not only match steps for the same reasons? While some blame the traditional patriarchal system for today's degrading social condition, others blame the economic and social independence as women, specially in terms of how they dress, as the real reason behind the several rape incidents happening in different parts of the country. CWF has been an active participant in these rallies and protests and has conducted an active survey around what drives an individual to such protest marches. We presented this research paper named “Gender (in) sensitivity among Protesters and Queer Men” at the National Queer Conference organized by Sappho for Equality. Please peruse the PDF document for the detailed research.