Right to education & child rights

Icche is missing: A CRY Initiative

A beautiful but poignant narration of the everyday life of a girl child through our lenses. Read the PDF for a detailed description.

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School Survey

This is a process through which we try to find out whether the Right to Education Act is properly implemented in the schools around Peyarabagan Slum. In school surveys we analyse a particular school in two way: Qualitative Analysis & Quantitative Analysis.

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Rapport Building session with Peyabaragan Slum

In the rapport building sessions we try to reach out to the children of the slum. CRY provides us with a questionnaire through which we try to find out the perspective of the children of the slum about their schools and the education given by their schools.

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Mid-Day Meal service in schools a pilot analysis

RIGHT TO FOOD–akin to Right to education or like Right to information, it’s been categorized under the proviso of Human Rights. The right has a quantity of variations. As an intact Right to Food and its variations was outfitted most conspicuously to shelter the right for people to nourish themselves in poise. Also, Right to food was primed to make sure that agreeable food is obtainable, common populace have as much as crucial means to entree it and it amply meets the individual’s dietetic rations.

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Success Story…

Slums are becoming more flexible…

More and more authorities are taking part in the development process..

Mid day meals are getting better with teachers and students now more aware of the RTE act.