Paralympics & disability rights

Involvement of CWF in various State and National Events of Paralympics

In the last few years CWF got involved in various National and State para-sports events and actitivities. It has been a rich tradition of CWF to promote these sports events so that the athletes involved, get their due recognition. In this process CWF also helps to organize different sports state and National Bodies.

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Support Paralympics

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To support and champion the cause of the parathletes of India, CWF has started some unique initiatives among them supporting individual para-athlete is the most interesting. To reccomend a budding para-athlete (under 21 ) please download 

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A professional networking Website (

“Connect to your people, connect to your desire…we present you the world, fly with your wings of fire.”

We are coming up with a unique professional networking site dedicated for the Paralympians/Para-Athletes.

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A Book on India Paralympics

“Their inhales were long, their finishing was perfect…you walk through their lives, and you realize you have lived within brackets”:wherethe achievements and life stories of Paralympics athletes would be published. The book will be a transcribed form from the documentary.

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“The sound of wheel chairs, the close-up of crutches...She won’t feel it, till she watches.” In this documentary we will analyse and portray the actual scenario of Indian Paralympic movement through the lives of the Indian Para-athletes who had struggled against strong economic, financial and social constraints to become world renowned athletes.

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Success Story…

  • Paralympics awareness outreach of around 10 lakh people in the last 3 years.
  • Survey on facilities for the differently abled got wide coverage from a national and local news papers.
  • 1st ever National triathlon meet held in Kolkata with CWF as one of the official organisers.
  • Appointment of CWF members in various State run para-sports bodies.
  • Sponsorship of Para-athletes.
  • Organiser of India's first ever Walk for Paralympics.