School Survey

This is a process through which we try to find out whether the Right to Education Act is properly implemented in the schools around Peyarabagan Slum. In school surveys we analyse a particular school in two way: Qualitative Analysis & Quantitative Analysis. We do the two types of analysis on the basis of the following:

  • General Information (location & Shift system)
  • School Infrastructure
  • Teacher Sufficiency & Teacher Quality
  • Schools’ Admission
  • Schools’ Admission
  • General Evaluation

The qualitative analysis is more of explanation about the condition of implementation of RTE in a particular school. For example: if we are assessing a particular schools’ admission the question will be: What is your overall assessment about the admission procedures and practices in view of RTE Act and state rules?

The quantitative analysis includes in detail assessment on the basis of numbers. If we are assessing a particular schools’ admission then we try to find out the exact number of admissions in all the classes, the number of already enrolled students etc. Under School Survey comes an extensive research on Mid-Day Meal Survey. View the PDF file for more details on this project.

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