28 Aug 2014

Walk For Paralympics


Walk For Paralympics 2014

Paralympics is a world wide sports for the physically handicapped individuals which is played in more than 164 countries across the world. All such sports played in the Olympic games and other national, local games are played by physically challenged athletes also known as Paralympics across the world. Walk for Paralympics is one of its kind event in the world where ace para-athletes across the nation and the state come together to have their share of fame and honour which they have been deprived for long. Other participants include school and college students and children from different disability schools and organisations. Well-known celebrities has always been an active face of the Walk. Walk for Paralympics is going to be held on 28th August, Thursday 2014 from Jadavpur 8B bus stop to Deshapriya Park at Kolkata, India for the third consecutive year. Walk for Paralympics, the only walk for Paralympics in the world (yes that's right), has not only served as an awareness campaign but also proved it's point by bringing in Corporates and Companies along with the Para-athletes to form a bond which can be beneficial for both the parties. Walk for Paralympics 2012 had an outreach of 3Lakh people with more than 30 publications which included local, national and international publications.

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