Civilian Welfare Foundation engages into a lot of activities, events and projects which involves a lot of pictorial and videographic documentations of the work done. This section consists of those documentations apart from the Blog and a new section E-book. This section is also tends to targets persons with impaired vission with Ebooks and podcasts. 

Ebook is now the easiest and most convinitent way of reading books. CWF has taken a step ahead to publish different books from the Foundation as well as various other books from Individuals/Organizations which are not available online. Utmost care is taken to rightly credit the authors and to take permission before each publication. Please contact us if you want your book/publication to be available online.We will take the pain to make an E-book from a hard copy. 

The Blog is the most active and vibrant part of the CWF website where there is a continuous flow of articles on different right based issues. We accept articles/short communications/reviews. To send yours' please ask for submission details at 

All these documentations not only talks about CWF initiatives but also portrays various other initiatives by other Non-profits, Organizations or Individuals. Incase of any details or discrepancy mail us at