Sponsor the Paralympic Athletes : Saheb & Rubia

Para-athletes Rubiya Chatterjee and Saheb Hussain have been selected for 2014 IPC Athletics Grand Prix to be held at Tunisia from 12th-19 June 2014. This is a qualifier for the upcoming Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and Rio Paralympics 2016. Since, this is a non-funded event, hence the athletes would have to bear all the cost by themselves. Each of them would require Rs. 1,40,000/-  (Total expense for two athletes along with their nutrition is Rs 3,00000) approximately ( as specified in the selection letters,) and the amount has to be deposited to PCI (Paralympic Committee of India) within 15th of May 2014. Anyone and everyone who are willing to support the cause of these para-athletes, please send a message to info@cwforg.com or call +91-9830167177. Let’s try so that their dreams do not take a back-seat, yet again…

The Paralympics are a dismissed outcome in India and for obvious reasons. The generations of these enduring heroes have not attracted the limelight it deserved. The lack of passable training facilities, nutrition, camps before meets with little or no monetary assistance only lends to their woes. Yet, no obstacle has been able to deter their sense of pride, their feel of passion to the sport they feature in.

Sponsorship Program for the Para-athletes:

Paralympics being an uncharted sector in the Indian sports, the budding  para-athletes in India faces quite a no. of socio-economic hindrances:

  1. The Indian Paralympics sector is highly unorganized and indisciplined, the managing authorities failing miserably to cater to the basic needs of the disabled.
  2. Information dissemination by PCI and other state paralympic  bodies.   Very poor
  3. Leveraging this info to improve condition, facilities for  parathletes.    Yet to improve effectively
  4. Support system of Paralympics viz. physicians, nutritionists, coaches, escorts, sponsors,

Media etc.   Little acknowledgement,  less help

  1. Poor economic condition of the para-athletes.

The culmination of the above factors has affected the mass participation of the Indian para-athletes in National and International events due to uninformed decisions,   missed  opportunities  though there is no dearth of talents.

CWF promotes and upholds the cause of Indian Paralympics and Para-athletes through various furtherances, awareness exchanges and fund raising/sponsorships campaigns for the para-athletes e.g. Organizing National Para-Sports Event , Making Documentaries, National Awareness Drives, Authoring Books, Sponsorships , Media and Policy Advocacy for Paralympics and Disability rights through Research & Analysis. CWF is also involved in many state and National Bodies of Para-sports. Last and not the least CWF is coming with world’s first ever professional networking site on Paralympians!!

Through the above initiatives, CWF has identified the loopholes and the immense possibilities in this sector as well as a no. of extremely talented para-athletes.

It is in this respect that Civilian Welfare Foundation had chosen to provide the monthly scholarships for these athletes in whatever small way possible. Among four athletes who are sponsored from CWF platform, Saheb Hussain used to get a scholarship sum of Rs 1000 and Rubia Chatterjee still now receives an amount of Rs 2000 every month.  Due to their undaunted spirits and continued hard effort,  Saheb Hussain and Rubia Chatterjee have finally bagged selection letters for 2014 IPC Athletics Grand Prix at Tunisia which is going to start from 12th June and continue till 19th June. Their achievements in this international event will secure their position in the upcoming Asian Games in 2014, the Commonwealth Games 2014 and also for the participation in Paralympics Rio 2016. But to participate in the 2014 IPC Athletics Grand Prix at Tunisia, each needs to arrange Rs 1,40,000/- within the 15th of May, 2014.

CWF , being a non-profit in its nascent years and without any tax exemption guarantees in the form of 80G  etc, it’s not possible to garner this huge sum of money for these athletes. Hence through this letter we would like to propose that you take up the cause of sponsoring these two athletes for this Indonesian trip, so that, this time, the dreams of these unrelenting athletes do not take a backseat. The details of their participation and selection letter issued for the Indonesian Opens have  been attached below.

Scholarship 1

Name Of The Sponsor: Mousumi Laha                 

Saheb Hussain

Saheb Hussain

Name Of The para-athlete: Saheb Hussain

Physical Disability: Blindness 75 % (Since Birth)

Sports: Athletics (sprinter) and Cricket

Monthly Income Of Family: between Rs 8000 to 9000.

Selection for IPC Athletics , Tunisia

Selection for IPC Athletics , Tunisia

Scholarship details:

The scholarship started on June, 2012 and Rs 500/- per month scholarship were given to Saheb Hussain for 7 months. After reviewing his achievements with time the scholarship was renewed and this time the sum of money was Rs 1000/- per month for tenure of 6 months.




2010 Participated in District Meet for the Normal, (North 24 Parganas) held in Salt Lake Stadium and bagged the 3rd position 1500 metres (Bronze medal).
2011 Participated in District Meet for the Normal, (North 24 Parganas) held in Salt Lake Stadium and bagged the 3rd position 800 metres (Bronze medal).
2011 Participated in All Bengal Field Event arranged By Bhatpara Municipality and bagged the gold medal in  400 metres running event.
2012 All Bengal Road Race (normal meet) held at Titagarh Math (ground) and arranged by Agradoot Sangha. Bagged Gold medal.
2012 Participated in the Amity Kolkata Half Marathon and successfully completed  21 km.
2012 Participated in the All Bengal Road Race, organized by Bhatpara Young Athletics Club and came in the 1st position covering a distance of 5 mile (8 kms).
2012 Participated in the Paralympic State Meet arranged by West Bengal Rajya Protibandhi Sammilani. Bagged 1st prize (gold medal) in 100 metres running event.
2012 Participated in the Paralympic National Championship held in Bangalore Kantereva Stadium and won Gold Medal in 200 metres, two silver medals in 400 metres and 800 metres running events each.
2012 Participated in the East Zone Tournament Cricket arranged by Voice Of World, a social welfare organization and played in West Bengal cricket team. I was declared the Man of the Match award in the Semi-final match between Bihar and west Bengal. Highest Bating Score is 65 runs highest.
2012 On 3rd December got the Role Model Award from the West Bengal State Government for Outstanding Performance in Athletics. The event was held at Science City Mini Auditorium, Kolkata.
2013 District Meet arranged by Baranagar Sporting Club and won gold medal in 100 metres run, and another gold medal in long jump. Represented my district North 24 Parganas.
2013 Participated in the Paralympic State Meet arranged by West Bengal Rajya Protibandhi Sammilani. Bagged 1st prize (gold medal) in 100 metres running event.
2013 Participated in the Paralympic National Championship held in Bangalore Kantereva Stadium and won three Gold Medals each in 200 metres, 400 metres and 800 metres running event.
Preparing for the world championship currently.



Scholarship 2

Name Of The Sponsor: Krishna Das

Rubia Chatterjee

Rubia Chatterjee

Name Of The para-athlete: Rubia Chatterjee

Physical Disability: disability in right leg below the knee.

Sports: Shot Put, Discus Throw and Javelin




RubiaScholarship Details: The scholarship started on November 2013. She has received Rs 2000 for the month of November and the scholarship will continue for another 5 months.

Monthly income of Family: Around Rs. 4500 per month.




2012 Participated in All Bengal Meet For the Normal Bizpur Krira And Sanskritik Chakra, Netajinagar, Halisahar. Competed in the Shot Put category and placed 1st.
2012 Participated in the Halisahar Municipal Sports Festival (normal) on the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda on 16th February at Ramprasad Playground and placed 1st in Women’s shot put category.
2012 Participated in All India Yogasana Championship for Mentally and Physically Challenged person , in memory of 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, arranged by barabati Yuva Association, Cuttack Odisha under the All India YogaCulture Foundation. Represented West Bengal and secured 4th position.
2013 Participated in State Paralympic Volleyball Championship organized byBengal Paralympic Volleyball Association , Paschimbanga Rajya protibandhi Sammilani along with the Paralympic Volleyball federation of India at Nalhati, Birbhum, West bengal.
2013 Secured 1st place in Shot Put category in the West Bengal State Meet, organized by west Bengal Rajya Protibandhi Sammilani at SAI stadium, Salt Lake, Kolkata
2013 Won  two Gold and one Bronze medal in the Shot Put, Javelin and Discus throw categories respectively at the National Paralympic Championship held at Kanteveera stadium, Bangalore, Karnataka.





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