Recommend a Para-athlete [Last Date : 15th August 2014]

Civilian Welfare Foundation promotes Paralympics in various ways. One of the unique ways have been sponsoring of budding Para-athletes. To know more about Indian Paralympics visit .

In the coming days CWF will be facilitating 15 scholarship for under 21 budding para-athletes. If you want to send in your recommendation for any para-athlete kindly use the attached form.RECOMMENDATION FOR BUDDING PARA ATHLETES

To recommend a Para-athlete for an upcoming award/scholarship send your recommendation to by 15th of August 2014. From each recommender only 3 recommendations for 3 Para-athletes (under 21) will be accepted. The final decision of awards will be of Civilian Welfare Foundation.

132 thoughts on “Recommend a Para-athlete [Last Date : 15th August 2014]

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