Members’ Speak

“We quarrel, we make a lot of noise…But just at the right time we become the loudest voice”

Here’s what our members, interns and volunteers have had to say !!

Suchandra Ganguly

Suchandra Ganguly

Suchandra Ganguly : “The best thing that happened to me till date is CWF. I as a person changed a lot and got to know a lot about myself after I joined here. The foundation days were shaky as rather than working for the society it was more important to make people understand that yes we are doing serious stuff, we aren’t fickle and we are here to stay. Rather than bantering on social issues through Facebook status, I wanted to move beyond that and hence CWF happened- one of the first government registered society formed from Facebook. Every issue be it Paralympics or child rights or basic healthcare each of these appeals to me equally. I do not believe in charity and through CWF I always wanted to make each sector organized and strong so that even if we aren’t there someday the system works. CWF-a platform for huge experience and learning. Last words, I and CWF compliments each other perfectly.”

Sourav Das

Sourav Das

Sourav Das, Lead Statistical Analyst, British Sky Broadcasting, UK: “Of times, we depart an everlasting space largely owing to the words we incisively wish to realise something very close to our heart and yet cannot, simply imputable to the lack of it. The relationship with CWF is one, to so extreme a grade. And comparable to all other telling, this too had its part of speculation in the beginning. For movements too often lead off to a cause, revolutions too frequently mislay to utilities, decision die to disposition much too many a times for liking. But, this purpose is fortunately within the passes of few bright men and women who are implied to make a change. From resisting on unconventional representation of our country’s perimeter to battling day-after-day iniquities of the society, from campaigning for our national Paralympic heroes to enhancing child rights, they have extended to their bounds with all sincerity. Unfortunately, my affiliation to the organisation has been for a mere mortal, withal the pride to be able to relate defies any saying. May CWF always be the guiding light to the unsighted and more significantly may hope find an inspiration for generations to come. As I lack adequate superlatives for the men and women who have made this a reality, let the annotation at the end be of congratulation for a very successful journey thus far. Indeed a moment of recollection and celebration this is.”


Soumi Chatterjee

Soumi Chatterjee

Soumi Chatterjee, Software Engineer, Cap Gemini, Mumbai: “I did not witness the inception of CWF but would definitely love to see it reaching the sky heights. Being a part of it is just like being at home, a mixed combination of responsibility, fun, relationships, complications and off course solutions. It became a part of my life before I could even realize. Every part of the work is not just for the society but for your own self-realization, knowing life in a different sphere, developing a sense of responsibility. Every moment spend with each one in CWF is eternal, proud to a part of CWF. Long live CWF….”

Pritam Basu

Pritam Basu




Pritam Basu, Financial research analyst, Sundaram Finance Group: “I Joined CWF as an intern for a month as my CSR project. Since then I was associated with CWF. I always wished to work for an NGO. Thanks for the opportunity and honour I got form CWF. It was always fun working here. Opportunities are shared. While working on CSR I got many helping hands. Shuvojit Da, Suchandra Di, Priyanka Di, Ranajoy–I can never forget these people. It was the best month of the entire CWF tenure of mine. The event I liked the most was Icchedana where CWF shows its Unity and Strength. The Challenging one was the Bangalore Shoot on Paralympics. All these were the learning moments for me. Thank You to each and every member of CWF for giving me the opportunity.”

Chandrani Das

Chandrani Das

Chandrani Das, Director, Prime Mover Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.: “My association with CWF dates back to its nascent days. I was quite sceptical in my initial speculation as to whether it will turn out to be just another of those thousands of NGO s mushrooming all over the state. But in a short span of these two years, having been  a part of it, I have been rendered speechless in muted adulation for this organisation, watching it evolve from a mere Facebook group into a full-fledged successful NGO. Yes, I would say we are successful ‘cause despite the tortuous journey, we have adhered to our core values and principles, providing the much needed platform for the differently abled, catering to the needs of deprived children, helping the indigent, fighting for justified causes, and last but not the least, branding people with an awareness and educating ourselves in the process. Armed with a young, spirited and motivated workforce having philanthropic inclination, CWF boasts of a non-hierarchical, apolitical structure where each member pays heed to every other member and there’s no place for solipsism, unlike many reputed NGOs, which initiated with great gusto but lost their tempo, with their elderly working age population revelling in kitty parties and monthly get-togethers in lavish lounges and enjoying numerous privileges.”


Saurabh Chaurasia

Saurabh Chaurasia

Sourabh Chaurasia, MBA: “My experience with Civilian force was very good. I am surprised to see that many young mind joined in the CWF because they want to see the better and prosperous place where everyone have their own rights to get a better life. These young people will change the world with their passion, devotion and their fire inside them. Working here is absolutely fun as CWF maintains a very informal set-up and most importantly without any hierarchy. Everything is very transparent and all members have equal decision making power. I am sure the passion that we have will take CWF a long way. I well wish CWF for the coming challenges. I wish it Godspeed and good luck.”


Samrat Sengupta

Samrat Sengupta

Samrat Sengupta, HOD English Literature, Kharagpur College and Research Scholar at Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata: “It was a group of enthusiastic young people who came up to me with a feeling of doing something for the society which eventually turned into CWF. Like many I felt this excitement might not last long but could not turn their invitation as their cause was noble. So I became a part of it and we collectively proved my previous assumption wrong – we managed to sustain as an organization. I was there initially when they were trying to know the status of basic school education of slum children. They were preparing for their work with CRY to make a map of lack of basic infrastructures in schools and probe with the government for their development. The work on Paralympics is one in which I could not give much effort and time but attended some of the meetings and shared my thoughts. The most significant participation on my behalf was the campaign and street march on 31st Night, 2012 when instead of partying we decided to take up a march protesting the Delhi rape incident and sexual violence on women and other sexual minorities. Though at that time many such protests were taking place in the city it did not turn people’s attention away and we managed to gather a number of protestors that included people from various ages and quarters of life and organizations like Sappho who supported our common cause. This enthusiasm was later on carried forward in another March and the staging of a street play on the same issue. The participation of various groups, organizations, and different people from different classes, communities and ages is what constitutes the spirit of CWF. My participation like many I believe was more as a friend rather than a formal member and the way we all worked seemed like a family helping and working for a common life and goal.”


Indrani Kar

Indrani Kar

Indrani Kar, Senior Reaserch Associate, Globesyn: I joined CWF as an Intern last year since I required a 3 month internship in an NGO as a part of my Masters in Social Work Curriculum. Since I am otherwise a full time employee, I was basically looking for an NGO where I could work after office hours or on Weekends which I admit was extremely difficult to find. The first thing I noticed about CWF or rather, what attracted me about the organization was its way of working. There was a complete flexible working option where even hours put in in the night or on weekends counted. Clearly it was a set-up where only work mattered and no other aspects were considered hindrances. Moreover, the no-hierarchy model where anyone can come up with an idea and anybody can get involved in whatever project in whichever way they felt comfortable in, along with the extremely active, passionate and young student based group having a clear charter of what they wanted to do and an extremely interesting and engaging style of working was hugely motivating. Thus, starting from writing a book about the various classifications of sporting activities for the para-athletes, to visiting various governmental schools to survey their mid-day meal status… from travelling to distant villages to interview champion para-athletes to working for the cause of Women Rights. It has been a journey that I would always remember and would want to remain a part of. Life @CWF is all about being a part of a happening gang of friends… Doing anything for justice and anything for the right cause! CWF Rocks!


Shreya Mukhopadhyay

Shreya Mukhopadhyay

Shreya Mukhopadhya, Student, Department of Statistics, Asutosh College, Kolkata: “It was an absolute honour to work with CWF. It is surely a very good learning experience for me. In the last 2 years I have developed an extremely homely bonding with CWF. I hope it continues with its aims and goals in its chosen path of righteousness by helping the “unprivileged” as well as the “ignored” and providing them what they deserves.


Dhimoyee Debnath

Dhimoyee Debnath



Dhimoyee Debnath, Media & Communication, Operation Smile:  “To be very guileless, I was never allied with social work in any mode. I didn’t even ponder about doing anything like social work. I have always found NGOs salaried for their own profits and yields, rather than attaining their so called embattled goalmouths. When I emanated across CWF, I had the alike perception for it as well. I was sure-fire that it will also crack out to be another profit manufacturing NGO. It’s been 9 months that I am with CWF and trust me guys it has shattered my preceding impression. CWF runs on pocket money of the members and yes at the finale of the day it has no earnings, rather it runs on losses. What bonds everyone here is passion and only passion. CWF has a yearning to launch a change in the society. CWF has urge, enthusiasm, allegiance, valour and most outstandingly a sense of accountability. It not only wishes a venture, but also glosses it fruitfully. Yes, the drive is indeed grim and challenging, but CWF will unquestionably overawed all the dares. Ok now enough of staid stuff. We are not stern folks. We bash like anything, hangout. Actually every happening of CWF is a great spring of fun for us. Every event is like a celebration and a party for us. Zealously waiting for the next party…cheers!”

788 thoughts on “Members’ Speak

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