About Us

Civilian Welfare Foundation: A Brief History & Our Philanthropic Evangelism

It all began when time wasn't so much a harmonious adaptation. Led off on a usual moment and retraced on hope, trust and a desire ablaze to reclaim a more adept society; a habitat that procreates equality for the unlike, a home that defends preferences in spite. From this place, on the 11th of May, 2011, CWF also known as Civilian Force was accepted as a beginning. And since, CWF has acquired from a Facebook page to a Government registered organisation the aim however was never to discourse or deliberate but to contend for the right cause always and has forever tried to frame undifferentiated consciousness on biases and on the irrational. One such campaign against Google for the misrepresentation of the Indian Territory eventually established the organisation's existence.


"When even a bamboo stick can support them why can't we?"

"Sab padhein, sab badhein
Seeksha Sey Hi Ban Sakta Hai Mera Desh Mahaan"

"Awareness is a need, awareness is fun, our motto is simple..aware everone under the sun ."
Incredibly 'Rapable India:  Take your CAP( Call Against Patriarchy)

a. Just Blood
b. Campaign against Google

Why CWF?

Aside the common course, CWF has also centred its exploits around different social consequences which are still very much unrecognised in India. The campaigns on Paralympics and Gender sensitisation have been well received and accredited by national and regional media alike.' Walk for Paralympics' and 'Call against Patriarchy' acknowledged a huge participation of the general populace. Some salient features in our three year oeuvre are :-

  • Our Research and Analysis based approaches
  • Collaborations with highly esteemed NGOs/Organizations like CRY, Siddha, Capgemini, PRPS etc
  • Our literate and youth based man power oriented on non-hierarchy. Our Interns and members includes prestigious Institutes like IIM, IIT and other famous Institutes like University of Sussex, UK.
  • Our Media exposure /advocacy and Policy advocacy e.g.Our staunch support for Paralympics enabled us to be duly considered to incorporate amendments in the Sports Bill
  • Appointment of CWF members as designated personnel in State run Sports bodies Eg:
  • Our advocacy for Gender sensitivity led to presenting a paper in National Queer Conference.

"We always crib... we always accuse, the system is running down still...we choose to refuse, we argue from the safest corners, we comment from the cosiest armchairs. Yet we choose to refuse and overlook the rarest of rare. Time to work, time to choose,... Welcome to the system, don't you dare refuse !! "